The digital language lab at the University of Victoria is a research lab that is focused on studying interactions between second/foreign language learners and computer-supported tools and/or applications. This lab is funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the British-Columbia Knowledge Infrastructure Program.

Follow us on Twitter @DL2LLab

Lab directors:

  • Dr. Catherine Caws @katrinrulokoz, Associate Professor of French
  • Dr. Ulf Schuetze, Associate Professor of Second Language Acquisition

Lab and research assistants:

  • François Heuillard, MA student (2015-2016)
  • Ms. Bernadette Perry @BernadettePer14, PhD student (2013-present)
  • Mr. Dylan Trerice @Dtrerice, MA student (2013-2015)
  • Arthur Arthur de Oliveira @@hecthur, MITACS Globalink research intern (Summer 2015)
  • Ms. Lisa Suessenbach, MA student


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