This week at the French department of the Uvic we worked on several projects, such as making some statistics studios to see if there was a correlation between the preferences and performances of students and their desire to keep using Twitter and keep tweeting in French. To me, as a student of industrial engineering it’s quite interesting because I’m used to analyzing quality defaults, parts per million that had defaults in a process, cycle time, and as well as other statistics mostly used in industrial engineering.

In this case, to analyze something related to the humanities and social networks is quite interesting and also challenging because I hadn’t had an opportunity to do it before. Immersing myself in this field is a challenging but satisfying experience.

Also, a group of students from Parkland Secondary School visited us this week. We had a treasure hunt so the students were able to practice their French and also to discover some places on campus such as the Cinecenta, the library, the bookstore, the French department, etc. Then, the Chair of the French Department, Marc Lapprand, spoke about the importance of learning French and the different programs that Uvic offers.

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