Analysis of interactions between 2016 and 2018

In this post entry, we are interested in the analysis of the students’ interactions on Twitter. The interactions between the peers, between the lecturer and the students, or between the students and the TA, and the students’ interactions with the subscriptions change in Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2018 and in Spring 2018. We would like to compare the references of that category and identify the trigger of those variations.


Source image: pixabay

In Fall 2016, there are 219 references in the node interaction with the lecturer, 100 in Spring 2017, 135 in Fall 2018, and 70 references in Spring 2018. It appears here that the references in Fall are higher than those in Spring. It has also occurred to us that the lecturer’s engagement was higher than in the following years. Actually, the students were constantly answering questions about the course material. This assumption must nevertheless be backed up by the information about the node theme.

There are 94 references in the node interactions with peers in Fall 2016, 87 in Spring 2017, 439 references in Fall 2018, and 86 references in Spring 2018. In this case, the references are also higher in Fall. But it is even higher in Fall 2018. It will be interesting to understand what reasons could have possibly triggered that result. In Fall 2018, the lecturer was not involved in the Twitter activity. Moreover, in the same semester, more than 40 students are taking the French course. The high level of interactions between them may indicate the convenience to interact with peers, and probably a motivation originating from the non-participation of the lecturer on Twitter.

In Fall 2016, the node interactions with TA has 16 references node in Spring 2017. In Fall 2018, 204 references in that node and 164 in Spring 2018. The numbers are lower in Fall 2016, which breaks the trends we were trying to build.

In Fall 2016 and 2018, the interactions with subscriptions are low. 23 references in 2016 against 15 in 2018. In Spring, only one interaction with the subscriptions is counted. Those numbers also show that the student does not really interact with subscriptions. It also reveals that the interactions between peers were higher when the professor was not interacting.


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