It has been a while since my last report. I spent the past couple of years looking into the neural network of attention and how it is related to the perisylvian cortex and limbic system when processing another language. It is a follow-up, or rather prequel, to my book “Language Learning and the Brain” (Cambridge University Press, 2017). 

I am excited to report that a series of experiments are to commence in the second half of 2021 researching attention and processing using technology in second language acquisition. The experiments are run using a Virtual Reality learning platform developed by the Victoria based start-up Infusion Edutainment. The experiments will investigate the effectiveness of each tool, the platform features, as well as how attention is sustained over longer periods of time. 

Preliminary results will be reported later this year on this blog and in person at the next CALICO conference in 2022. 

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